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Is your site optimized for S.E.O - Search Engine Optimization ?


"My site doesn't display in any of the searches on my favorite search engine!"

"Why is my site being displayed on the 10th or greater page of the search results ?"

These are probably the most popular questions that we get when it comes to web designing and web-pages. There is a great deal of websites on the web and competition is only getting bigger. Why not be part of the top results?

Getting your website SEO-ready is a process which requires a great deal of investigation and time. It's not difficult, as a matter of fact, anyone can do it, including yourself! But if you do not have the time or the resources to invest and your site is not optimized for search engines, then chances are that although you might have a beautiful web site in terms of design and content, not being found will definately not serve the purpose.

Almost everyone looks for information on the web, with Google being the most popular choice. Why not have your site optimized for those words that the end user will search for and be displayed ? Sure a paid advertisment could do the job but there are two main issues you need to consider; the first one being cost and budgeting advertising amounts and the second is limitation of time. Your add will only display for a limited amount of time which you have paid for. After that time has expires, your site will stop being displayed.

We at CNR Consulting reside mostly on "organic" data. That is data that will keep your site in the first search results without the limitation of time and money. We use data, key-words and analyze your site and company to get the most out of it.