CNR Consulting is an Economics and IT consulting company. We provide consulting, designing and implementation of specialized solutions to our client's demands. Companies come to us because they know we offer the knowledge, expertise and technologies to create a solution to their needs due to our extensive background in both Economics and IT. Whether it is a large multinational factory with a production line, a service provider firm utilizing mainly manpower, or a small local firm employing under 10 people, to us, they are all equally important and demand our best resources.

Our combined knowledge in various fields gives us the competitive advantage that our clients are seeking which is expressed in gains of both time and money for them.

We provide a comprehensive range of services ranging from Financial Consulting & Reporting, Business Intelligence, Web Designing, Web Custom Designed Applications (WCDAs) up to IT Support and Services on a per month basis.

"There is always a better solution. We just went the extra mile and found it".
CNR Team