Financial Analysis

Analyze, consolidate, report.

Small to medium sized firms seeking financial analysis and reporting. We deliver periodic reporting, variance analysis, cost analysis, sales forecast trends, sales pipelines etc.

Our combination of leading technologies in database architectures in association with our more than a decade experience makes our solutions unique, advanced, easy to use and best of all user-friendly even for the least experienced end-user.


If you fail to plan, you are planning to fail is what our experience has taught us and we stick with planning. Starting off a new financial year means extensive analysis, forecasting, strategy making and budget construction. We can help you organize your business units, cost centers and profit centers in a way that will make sense not only to the end-reader but also facilitate in future reporting and variance analysis.


P&L Statements

Get the information that you need based on Managerial Accounting. Create an opinion of your financial results prior to accounting "closing of the year". P&L Statements are a snap shot of your company's or Business Unit's activity and result.

Cost Analysis

Our clients rely on us to organize, classify and categorize the costs and expenses of their company in a way that is easily readable, understandable and free of accounting complexities and procedures. Getting an analysis of your company's costs and expenses in a readable and understandable format gives you the ability to make value judgment and strategic decisions without having the "decipher" the data.

Variance Analysis

In order to come to a conclusion you need to compare what you have in hand for the period of interest with respect to another period. All of our reports are accompanied with variance analysis and documentation. The management that receives the reports not only has the figures but also has an in-hand analysis of how these figures were concluded. Documenting the differences gives the reader the ability to understand major fluctuations of values.


P&L Closing Year

As the year progresses, generating a new revised year-end-result gives insight of issues and significant deviations with respect to the budget of the year. Having a new estimated Year-End view, can alert management to make the right decisions, to avoid difficult situations that have arised and are altering the general route of the company as well as alter the principles and strategies that have been implemented. Having this information on hand and in time is an essential asset.