Why Choose CNR?

Our 20+ years of experience coupled with our strong concentration in open source technologies, makes us the leader in the market.

Open Source

We use open source technologies which are tried by millions of users, created by millions of users, trusted by millions of users.

Combined Knowledge

Our experience in Economics, Finance, Crypto & Software Engineering makes us a unique asset.


CNR Consulting is an Economics and IT consulting company registered in Greece (Hellenic Chamber of Commerce Registration No: 115546537000), established in 2004. We provide consulting, designing and implementation of specialized solutions to our client's needs. Companies select us because we offer the knowledge, expertise and technologies to create a solution to their needs due to our extensive background in both Economics and IT.
Whether it is a large multinational factory with a production line, a service provider firm utilizing mainly manpower, or a small local firm employing under 10 people, to us, they are all equally important and demand our best resources. Our combined knowledge in various fields gives us the competitive advantage that our clients are seeking which is expressed in gains of both time and money for them. We provide a comprehensive range of services from Financial Consulting & Reporting, Business Intelligence, Web Designing, Web Custom Designed Applications up to IT Support and IT Services.

"There is always a better solution. We just went the extra mile and found it".

CNR Team

What's New?

We take pride in our creations.


A complete end-to-end courier application designed grounds up! DispatchIT connects with each courier Web-Service API and brings you the information you need on your screen, eliminating knowledge of each courier's system etc.
Realtime tracking, realtime updates all in one complete application while maintaining Full historical data logs for future analysis or traceability.
Additionally, DispatchIT uses its own algorithm to calculate the best possible selection of courier service, so the end user will not need to!
All vouchers / waybills generated are printed on simple plain A4 paper or blank stickers, eliminating specially marked forms, thermal printers etc.

Web Development

We specialize in a wide area of web development. Our primary focus is to deliver quality end results
employing state of the art technologies for market requests.


Make your business visible to millions of potential customers.

Open up your shop to millions of potential customers around the globe. We will not only provide you with an eshop that caters to your needs and business but we will also assist you in setting up your business in an optimal way.

Custom Designed Applications

Get your applications custom designed to serve your changing needs.

As markets evolve and change, so does your business. We design custom applications to server customer-centric needs by employing state of the art technologies.

Ticketing Systems

Collect centralized all the issues / incidents of your customers and address them.

Don't let your customer issues pile up in a single user's mailbox. Almost every customer centric business needs to follow up on customer support and keep up to date with pending items.

Web Pages

Get your business online

Starting with collecting specs from our clients, getting the right domain name and setting up emails, to designing your web page and publishing it on the internet. We offer a complete end-to-end service.


Public Key Infrastructure

If you fail to plan, you are planning to fail. PKI is the best solution to adapt within your company for security, authentication and encryption. Improve your company standards and make your internal procedures solid.

Increase customer satisfaction and safety.

Economics & Finance

Business Intelligence, Managerial Accounting, Cryptos.

Business Intelligence

Ready reports offered to your end users.

We are living in a time where information is everything. Our Business Intelligence services, offer a unique, quick, accurate reporting platform for every company's needs.
From on-screen displaying, downloading in popular formats to notifying users/customers by email, our BI systems are ready to serve you.

Reporting Consulting

Let us guide you through a reporting solution.

Most companies have created their own reporting templates based on the knowledge they have at hand. Our 20+ years of financial reporting consulting can offer you the competitive advantage that you need.

Managerial Accounting

The next step following the Accounting Dept.

The Accounting department needs to follow GAAP, IAS and the law. You need to follow what is best for your business. The bridge between those two is Managerial Accounting. Use our knowledge and expertise to utilize this resource to your advantage and create financially meaningful reports that will assist in managerial decisions.

Crypto Currencies

The world is changing. Are you?

There is a currency revolution happening since 2009. If you don't own cryptos, you are not part of it. We have already invested time and resources into them so you won't have to. Get in the market and have the competitive advantage of being there first.
Bitcoin , Litecoin, Ethereum are only 3 of 1000s of cryptos currently active. Get involved, get informed, get invested and take advantage of the benefits of using and holding crypto.

It's your time to be your own bank.

We accept Cryptos Here!

We have joined the biggest financial revolution of our times.

Take advantage of our discounts on payments with Cryptos.


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Z Cash

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Can I accept crypto on my eshop?

    Certainly! Our eshop creations are 100% crypto compatible.

  • Of course. We offer support to all of our customers. Our ticketing system offers you full tracking of incidents and actions taken.

  • We certainly can! Call us to arrange an on-premises presentation / seminar for you and your employees. Trust us, you do not want to miss out on Crypto.

  • Our eshop creations support all the languages you wish. At the beginning of our collaboration, we will hand you all the terms and definitions and you can provide your translation. Note: Greek and English are by default offered by CNR Consulting.

  • And you certainly don't need to have one. We will organize a meeting with you, record all the specs and in-and-outs of your company and deliver your site. At the end, we will also provide a simple training session to get you up to speed with technologies and definitions. After that, you can show-off your knowledge at parties ;-)

  • Upon consultation, we can deliver to you your very own reporting platform, loaded with all of your reporting requirements. Have specific financial questions? Our Economist can offer to you answers to your questions and guide you through your reporting structure.

  • It is the best way to collect all of your customer's inquiries/incidents, available to all of your customer service department. This will offer you an overall picture of pending issues, employee efficiency and quality of your services.


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